Human Resources Management

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Module objectives

  • To acquaint participants with an understanding of human resources management and how it’s reflecting the growth of business value.
  • To teach participants to list steps of recruitment and selection process.
  • To give explaining how to recruit a more diverse workforce.
  • To understand the purpose and process of employee and blind spots
  • To discuss how trainees and employees get motivated.
  • To know how to use different training techniques.
  • To show difference between performance management and performance appraisal.
  • To workout recommendations on improvement of personal effectiveness, to improve quality of individual and team work.


  • Introduction: to Human resources management
  • Recruitment and selection process
  • Training and development methods.
  • Performance management and evaluation.
  • The nature of job Analysis, including selection process. what it is and how it’s used.
  • Practical Applications: workforce.
    • Team effectiveness: potential strengths and blind spots.
    • Communication and Work meetings.
    • Problem solving and decision making.

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