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Module objectives

  • To Discuss skills needed to manage a good project.
  • To acquaint participants with project phases and project life cycle.
  • To explore project management knowledge areas.
  • To understand strategic opportunity business need.
  • To acquaint participants with tools and techniques for managing teams.


  • What is a project?
  • What is project management?
  • What are skills every project manager needs
    • Communication skills, Organizational and planning, budgeting, conflict management skills, team building, and Motivating skills.
  • What is project management process?
    • Initiating, Planning, Executing, and Closing.
  • Creating the project charter
    • Project Integration Management.
  • Practical Applications: Business Case.
    • Project Scope Management.
    • Project Time Management.
    • Project Cost Management.
    • Project Quality Management.
    • Project Human Resources Management.
    • Project Communication Management.
    • Project Procurement Management.
  • Developing project scope statement.
  • Creating the project schedule.
  • Risk Planning and project resources planning
  • Measuring and controlling project performance.
  • Applying the professional responsibility.



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