DIGITAL Marketing diploma 2020

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Module objectives

  • To study main concepts of marketing.
  • To give understanding how to make market segmentation, market targeting, and market positioning.
  • To show the role marketing management plays in the company’s strategy planning.
  • To apply the concept of the product life cycle and consumer decision journey.
  • To learn practice of marketing management process by case studies.


  • Defining Marketing and the marketing process
  • Is it necessary to have a marketing strategy?
  • Is it necessary to make a market research?
  • Creating and capturing customer value.
  • Marketing management: marketing mix and pricing
  • Main principles of marketing management
  • Developing an integrated marketing mix.
  • Analyzing the marketing environment: identification, classification, analysis
  • Market segmentation.
  •  Target market.
  • Market positioning.
  • Defining marketing channels
  • The nature and importance of marketing channels.
  • Delivering customer value.
  • Types of marketing: Direct and online marketing.
    • Forms of direct marketing.
    • Setting up an online marketing presence
    • Building direct customer relationships.



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  • Language: Arabic
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  • 8 Сoding Exercises
  • An approved and notarized certificate from the British Foreign Office and the student's country embassy in England
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